Life in Between

This writing thing is hard.  I’ve always wanted to write, and now here I am writing and what I’ve written pops up on the screen for people to read.  Although few (and I do mean a miniscule few!) people are reading what I’ve written, and I’m not writing for money, it doesn’t matter, I’m suddenly a writer.  It has become addictive.  I constantly think about it, but figuring out something to write about frustrates me at times.  I know, and I’ve read, that the inspiration is out there everywhere you turn.  I do believe you have to get in the habit of noticing life, and stop barreling through to get to your next appointment, for in between is where the inspiration is.  I’m trying to do that, but old habits are hard to break.

Now, saying I’m a writer does not mean that if someone asks me, “Why, what do you do, my dear Carla?” that I would say I’m a writer.  I would definitely not say that!  I’ve written before, but not lately, so this blog thing is a new-ish journey of self-discovery for me.  I could never claim to be a writer in the way that people who write as a profession do.  I met a writer, meaning someone who has had her work published, a while back.  Not to wax political, but I met her at the Democratic caucus.  If you remember, thousands of people showed up unexpectedly at the polls and chaos was the only order.  We were standing squished together competing for oxygen in a small and stifling church foyer waiting for the magical moment when the regular voting was complete and the caucus voting would begin.  Normally when I stand that close to strangers, I feel a little uncomfortable, that whole invasion of space thing, but we had no choice but to bump cheeks (and I’m not talking about the ones on our faces).  We naturally fell into conversation.  One person on one side of me said to the person on my other side, “I think I know you, aren’t you the writer that lives in my neighborhood?”  Writer?  My ears perked up and I followed their conversation for a moment, much like following a tennis match.  After a bit, I piped in and asked her what she writes.  Her name, well I forget her real name, but her pen name is Adele Ashworth, and she writes historical romances.  Somebody deems her writing good enough that she gets paid to write books.  Nevermind that I rarely read from the romance genre, she gained instant celebrity status in my eyes. 

We talked about how she became a writer, and I won’t go into our discussion here, but I left with a feeling that I had met an interesting and incredibly self-motivating person.  I imagined what it would be like to see your work in print and bound, to fill in “writer” on the occupation line of all the mundane forms you have to fill out from time to time, to knock about the house every day in slippers from the coffee pot to your desk, and to be able to make your living by writing stories.  While not a glamourous vision, it does sound appealing and satisfying.

I know that a writer is someone who writes.  You can still be a writer even though it’s not your occupation.  I also know from talking with Adele Ashworth that as a writer she has a life not unlike my own, in that she lives in a similar neighborhood, same community, has a family, and is obviously concerned about the nation.  I’m just intrigued by how she and others like her make their living.  Now that I’ve started this blog, I have more respect for writers.  Just keeping up with this blog is a challenge for me.  Meeting Adele Ashworth was a coincidence, and a moment of inspiration for me.  I am now on the lookout for inspiration in all its forms…if I can just train myself to notice all the life that occurs between appointments!



4 thoughts on “Life in Between

  1. Writing is difficult. But blogging is even more difficult. Not only you have to write, you also have to do many other stuff to get people to read your work. Very time-consuming, but also extremely addicting. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment. It’s good to know I’m not the only one that feels the frustration – and the addiction!

  3. I can blog okay… mostly cuz it’s just about what’s happening around here… day to day events that aren’t exciting in the least, but which I’m happy to get down in written form so that I have a record of what has been occurring… my next step is to print out each entry and store it in the appropriate high quality binder… cuz I still fear one day the internet will have eaten all of my blog entries and it will be as if they never existed…

    I do have to watch the line… what is too personal to share… will Riley resent me discussing her eating habits? my worries about her speech? I know I have to be more careful with Ryan, even if he never reads them… same with Mike, especially because he DOES read them…

    But beyond the blog, the blurb, I don’t think I’m capable or disciplined enough to write anything more complex… you, on the other hand, have both of those concerns covered… good luck!

  4. Hey Char, not sure if I’ve got it covered, but as you know from your own experience with Ryan, my kids would be none too crazy about me documenting their daily life! I would have few blog entries if I didn’t write about something else. As for the discipline, I’ve been good the past couple of weeks. When I go back to work, we’ll see what happens!

    Good idea to print out your posts, in particular the kid entries. Think I’ll do the same. I had not thought about printing them, but I have had the same worry of my blog disappearing.

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