Donut Lady

Today it was my turn to be Donut Lady.  It’s an official title – note the caps.  The 3rd week of every odd month, I am Donut Lady.  We Donut Ladies, well, there are a few men on the committee, we buy donuts, make coffee, and arrange everything on a lovely table so it looks inviting … making sure to place the DONATION jar way out front in such a fashion that it’s hard to miss.  Well, you’d be surprised how many people miss it!

Before you think I’m an unhappy giver, I am happy to donate a few hours to this cause, and like most members, I already donate cash to the Church, but I can’t justify donating $50 worth of donuts on my designated donut day.  So, yes.  Out comes the DONATION jar, and in my pocket the DONATIONs go afterward.  While I could certainly be doing more service-wise, I’m at my limit donut-wise!  For one thing, I think the Church should support this ministry, but that’s another story I won’t go into here.

Anyway, this morning I mosy by the neighborhood donut store, buy 5 dozen donuts (bought 6 dozen last time and had some left over, so I bought 5 this time).  I didn’t think twice about buying the donuts, because the last few times I was Donut Lady, my Donut Lady Twin didn’t show up.  After a few minutes, I realized she wasn’t coming, with or without donuts, so I rushed to the store to buy them.

This time, I show up with my donuts, Donut Lady Twin was already there with her donuts.  Not only that, but another gal showed up by mistake with a load of donuts.  We were in donut heaven, apparently, or hell.  We had enough donuts to give the whole Church an oh-hallelujah-praise-God massive sugar high.   We tactfully advised the third gal she should just take her donuts and go on home.  Who invited her to this mega-cholesterol donut party anyway???

So, long story short, Donut Lady Twin and I split the dough.  The dough in the DONATION jar, that is, which didn’t begin to cover the expenditure for the both of us, but ok, it’s once every other month, and I got something back, so I’m not really complaining … not really.  Donut Lady Twin and I now have each other’s phone number, and we can actually call each other ahead of time to see if we’re going, and to decide who brings what.  What a great idea! 

Until next time,

Donut Lady


Well, whaddaya know!?!

Hey, check it out – someone likes my blog!  Delaney over at “Delaney’s World”  ( passed the award below to me.  Thank you, Delaney – I am flattered!  Thanks for checking in with my blog – and I suggest that my other friends check out Delaney’s blog also.  It will put a smile on your face!  The infamous chuckle of the day, great pictures, and thoughtful posts.  It’s all there! 










I would like to pass this award along to my good friend Char whose blog “Rambling is Therapeutic” ( was the first blog I ever read on a regular basis.  She’s a great friend and, as a matter of fact, first suggested I start a blog.  To which I said … huh?   Anyway, awesome writing (insightful and humorous) on her blog.  Check it out!  Char – take this award and pass it on!

What’s Under Your Bed?

Can’t a girl find a little privacy around here? 



Zoe loves this place more than any other, probably because it is the only place she can go that Fritz will leave her alone.  Not that he pesters her EVERY minute, but he likes to take her to the hairy edge … frequently.  She tolerates plenty of tail-pulling and haunch-nipping from him on a regular basis.  When she’s finally had enough of his adolescent BS, we usually hear him yelp.  She retreats to this solitary place sometimes, full of boxes and dog hair.  Her dog hair.  When she goes here, Fritz knows that if he follows her, he may be risking certain body parts (well, THOSE body parts are already missing, courtesy of the vet, but she would be happy to improvise!)  Yes, to follow her under the bed would be a serious “error in judgment” as Hubby would say.  Thankfully, Fritz knows at least that much! 

Some days she is social, and other days she will stay for hours under the bed.  She’s getting older also, so sometimes I think when she gets under the bed she stays because it’s just hard for her to get out.  It’s not a big space for a long-legged gal like her, but she has an amazing ability to claw her way out if food is being served!

Ok, that flash is just obnoxious!!!  Don’t bug me, mom!

Pink Erasers


Just because you can write anything in a blog doesn’t mean you should, at least I’ve read … and so this post is just too goofy, and maybe I shouldn’t, but here goes.  I love pink erasers and always have.  There, I finally got that off of my chest!  Pink erasers haven’t changed since the day I started school (just a few years ago, actually …).  It’s a bit of comfort in an ever-changing world, don’t you think, that the pink eraser has stayed constant?  Still pink, still oblong, still erases, and that’s all you would ever expect it to do.

All the technology in the world hasn’t changed the pink eraser.  Just think of how pens and pencils have evolved, and that unrelated item, the toothbrush.  Seriously, is there another item out there that has evolved more than the toothbrush?  How many more features can be added to a little stick with bristles that you use to clean your teeth?  What a challenging job that must be to come up with yet another toothbrush gotta-have-it feature!

Not the pink eraser.  It stays the same throughout the decades.  I always need a pink eraser even though I rarely use one.  Why don’t I use them (I heard someone out there ask)?  Is it because I never make mistakes?   Yes, that’s it!  Or not.  Actually, I mostly TYPE now (and I have the handwriting to prove it), and use a pen to write when I’m not typing.  However, every year when I buy school supplies for my kids, I inevitably spy the new pink erasers on the shelf and think, I so need one of those!  Only, not really, because the last one I bought still looks brand new and is still in my drawer. 

Here’s a short history lesson.  The pink eraser originated from a man named Eberhard Faber (sound familiar?) who started manufacturing pencils in the mid-late 1800s.  His trademark for his pencils was “Pearl” – so he named his erasers “Pink Pearl.”  Hmmm … how DID he come up with that name?  Now, even though erasing is the only thing you would expect a pink eraser to do, they actually can do much, much more.  Check out the following link, or if you can’t imagine why you would ever research the pink eraser any further, just keep reading below, I did it for you.

Here are a few OTHER ways the Pink Pearl can be used:

Clean cotton upholstery by rubbing gently with a Pink Pearl Eraser.

Clean golf balls by rubbing them with a Pink Pearl Eraser. Remember, to pack them in your golf bag, and you’ve got a new solution to a dirty golf ball.

Clean gold by very gently rubbing a Pink Pearl Eraser against gold plated items. This cleans the gold without damaging the material.

Clean piano keys by using a Pink Pearl Eraser to remove marks from the ivory keys.

Remove scuff marks from floors by simply using a Pink Pearl Eraser to remove them.

Who knew???  Obviously, not me.  Notice that only the “Pink Pearl” is qualified for these tough jobs, ordinary erasers need not apply.

So, what is so special about a pink eraser to me?  Here are a couple of things.  The smell is, well, such a nice eraser-y like smell … don’t know how else to describe it, but I love it.  It’s easy to use, and I can erase large spaces, if necessary.  While it might be easier to just start over on a new page, that doesn’t fit my little story here, so just forget about it.  Besides, that would be wasteful to start a brand new page when you have a perfectly good erased page you can use … yeah.

Mostly, I think I love pink erasers because even the smell of them evokes a time of youth, primarily my youth, in which I spent plenty of time practicing my writing and deciphering math equations, but mostly, erasing.  My erasers had that “used” look after the first day of school.  I could have been the Pink Pearl posterchild!  Kind of like the little Coppertone girl, only without the doggie pulling down my panties … and of course, without the tan …