Even the Dogs Got a Good Laugh …

What’s so frightening about this picture?  I’ll give you a hint … the pink ones, they aren’t mine.   

The manly looking foot – that one would be mine.

Yes, we cross-dressed for a Halloween party, and no, he did not raid my closet.  Even I wouldn’t have worn this get-up anywhere!  My hubby is a wonderful sport, though.


We had so much fun!!  We went to the local thrift store for inspiration.  First came the purple top, then the bra.  We got the industrial strength variety – lots of support.  You never know how much support you are going to need to hold up all those athletic socks.  We started by agreeing that he could just wear this over jeans, but that seemed a little drab.  Then we found some black capris, a little less dull.  No way in hell am I wearing a dress, he says, but maybe black capris wouldn’t be so bad.  So, we carried the capris around the store for a while.  Luckily, we found the lovely skirt you see here just in the nick of time!  At first he thought I was crazy, but then even he started to see the possibilities …

I said, hey, let’s do jewelry, you know, earrings and a necklace, and this lovely humongoid flower … and he said no way!   I said, yes, way!  I mean, why bother if you don’t accessorize?   We had to get the purse, too.  Gotta have something to hold the cooler! 

Then I said, hey, let’s do make-up …  and he said no way in hell!  I said yes way in hell!  … and he says, but no mascara, and I mean it!!!!  … and I said, yes, mascara, and I mean it … and now for the toes … and he says, oh, HELL no!  Well, you know what I said.

When all was said and done, we came out of hiding to go to the party.  Daniel, our youngest child, could only laugh hysterically, and after the initial shock, the dogs even snickered. 

Now, I repeat, isn’t he an awesome sport? … and a damn good lookin’ woman!


So, who’s the ugly dude?  Oh, and Happy Halloween!!!


A Fella’s Gotta Do What a Fella’s Gotta Do

Another fatality in my backyard last night.  I called my little darlings in for the night.  Zoe bounds in.  Fritz doesn’t.  For some reason, I didn’t wonder why, I just kept calling.  “Come, Fritz, come on! … FRITZ, oh no, Fritz, NOOOO!!!”  And, here comes Fritz, running toward the door, tiny legs dangling from his mouth.  Ewwwwww!!!

I thought it was a frog.  I love frogs, and we occasionally have big frogs in and out of our pool.  Fritz messes with them, too, and I saved one from his jaws of death one day.  Not this time, this time it was a rat, a limp little guy.   What, do you think I’m going to save a rat from the jaws of death?  Ummm … nope. 

It occurred to me briefly that I needed to document this rat in the mouth thing, the blog, you know, and so I thought about the camera.  It was an eensy little thought I had while sizing up the situation.  It would have required Fritz to hang on to the rat while I fetched the camera.  Not a problem for Fritz, but as this is a dog that likes to give us kisses from time to time (ok, not lip kisses), I decided the best course of action was to remove the rat ASAP.  So, I bang on the door and alert the Alpha Male (and chief Western watcher), to get the hell out of his freakin’ chair and HELP ME!!! 

He did.  He saved the day, thank God!  He talked Fritz out of his latest trophy, scooped it up, and triple bagged it for a proper rat burial. 

Here’s the Alpha Male, with the infamous rat terminator at his side, settling in for a little television.  This picture was taken before the crime, and before the new do (Fritz’s new do, Alpha still has the same ol’ do).


I just noticed the Frog shirt Johnny is wearing.  Pure coincidence here, not to be confused with the jumpy creatures out in the yard that Fritz likes to torture.

Shortly after the latest in the string of rat killings, I snapped this picture:

Note the new do, and his bandana in fall colors.  Mostly, check out that tail!  He can swat flies with that thing!  By the way, they are waiting for the peanut fairy to lay one on them. 

Fritz in a calmer moment:

Probably contemplating his next kill …

Guilty as Charged (yeah, we know)

My son had his day in Court, actually his second day in Court.  To refresh your memory, he was cited for a curfew violation in front of our house last June.  He went to Court in July, and was given a chance to throw his mercy on the Court and hope for leniency, or go to Teen Court.  If he had lost this gamble, then he would have had to pay a $240 fine and the violation would have gone on his record.  Wise people that we are, we decided to go to Teen Court. 

Again, not to repeat myself, but Teen Court in this community is essentially an admission of guilt.  A minimum punishment is pre-assessed, and at least the minimum punishment will be given.  All in all, it is a respectful affair.  A couple of weeks ago, Alex and I went in front of a jury of his peers.  The jurists told him what he was charged with, and asked him to tell his side of the story.  They followed up with thoughtful questions, after which we left the room while they deliberated his punishment.

So, for hanging out in front of our house at 11:15 p.m. (I originally thought the citation said 12:00 something, but that was actually when the policeman finished writing the kids up) … anyway …  Alex received 28 hours of community service, he must serve two jury terms, and write a short paper on how he screwed up and why it is important.

By the way, teens in this town should be aware, a curfew violation is a “Class 3” offense on par with speeding 21-25 mph over the speed limit, possession and/or shooting of fireworks, and a few other things.  All are eligible for the same range of punishment.

The only thing worse is a “Class 4” offense.  A Class 4 offense includes speeding 26+ mph over the speed limit, alcohol violations, and assault.  Drinking and assault is considered only slightly worse than hanging out in front of your house after 11:00 p.m.  The law says police may use discretion when they spot someone violating curfew.  BUT, this is not a town known for its discretion.  If you don’t believe me, just surf the net for “banana gorilla football” and see what comes up!  Ok, the charges were dropped in that case, but the fact that it even got so far is supremely goofy!  Yessirree, this is a no-nonsense town!


All summed up, Alex was convicted of a crime he is no longer eligible to commit (because he is now 17).  Hopefully, that will be the extent of his hoodlum-ry, but teens beware.  You want to talk to your friends, stay on the porch!

In Case You’re Wondering …

… where I am (those few of you that check in from time to time), I’m still around.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so my blog is on a little hiatus.  When Daddy travels, Mommy’s it, so not much time for blogging in the evenings.  If I blogged at work, I’d soon receive a pretty piece of pink paper all my own.  Once Hubby’s travel slows, I’ll be back, so keep checking in!  Maybe one of these days I’ll write something interesting, or maybe you’ve been waiting a long time for that day already …


Enjoy the brief blog break.  Say that real fast five times …