Proximidad … indeed!

Yes, for me!!!!  Another surprise!  It’s a pretty award – The Charming Blog award – I got from my friend Delaney over at Delaney’s World.  Read the paragraph below – sums it up perfectly …

“This blog invests and believes, in ‘proximity’ [meaning, that blogging makes us ‘close’ – being close through proxy] “They are all charming blogs, and the majority of them aim to show the marvels of friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize, and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut, or that they propagate?”Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to eight bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.”

While I don’t have eight bloggers in my little world to pass this to, I can at least pass it to a couple.  What the above paragraph says to me is that we bloggers should encourage each other.  This keeping of a blog is not an easy thing, at least not for me.   Those that reach milestones and spend time entertaining, educating or just writing in a thoughtful manner for others, should be appreciated for their efforts.  I pass this award to the following blogs that I enjoy reading, and hope that these bloggers will continue to pass it on.

The only other two blogs I consistently check in on are Delaney’s World ( and Crone & Bear It (  These ladies already have this award, but they deserve a double!



4 thoughts on “Proximidad … indeed!

  1. Congratulations sweetie — you are charming no doubt about it!! And, how nice of you to mention me — I need all the shout-outs I can get — maybe I can reach more than 5 views on my stats someday! Grins and hugs, Linda

  2. Thanks! This is a super award, and I’ll be back later today to put it up on my blog. I appreciate your kind words and your comments on my blog, too.

  3. wait, what? what did I miss? we’ve had sick kid central over here lately and I’ve not been up on the blogs… what do I have to do?

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