Anyone notice that I haven’t written squat lately?  Well, I haven’t written squat lately, and I haven’t written any other words either.  The ol’ blog is teetering towards irrelevance.  Hell, it tottered into irrelevance the day it began almost a year ago.  Do you ever notice that when some people’s blogiversaries roll around, they write a post like this … what the hell, my blog is a year old, and I’m doing this why???  Well, you’re reading another one.  Both of you.

I guess a better word would be extinction.  This blog is teetering towards extinction.  Going the way of the Black Rhino, the Mountain Gorilla, and the Short-tailed Albatross (all listed first on the Top Ten Most Endangered Species List, depending on which website you believe), albeit not so devastating.  So, hurry up and send in those donations, folks … maybe together we can Save Carla’s BlogJust teasing …



What’s new that hasn’t already been thought of, hasn’t already been written, hasn’t already been read?  Not much.  Yet, here I am, rearranging words and waiting for inspiration to hit me between the eyes.  Until next time …  


5 thoughts on “Squat

  1. If not for your wonderful blog, I would have no idea what you are up to. So keep ’em coming. I sincerely hope you get hit between the eyes. I mean that in a good, supportive kind of way!

  2. Don’t you dare leave! I don’t care how often you write I still enjoy reading your posts and would miss you lots!

  3. Yay … visitors! I love company!

    Carrie – Thanks so much, but wonderful?? Maybe that’s too strong, but what the heck. I’ll go with it! A swimsuit did hit me between the eyes finally. Let’s hope next time it’s not a brick. BTW, I’m having difficulty keeping up with you, too. Maybe it’s time to celebrate my birthday again …

    Delaney – you are a sweet one. Thanks for keeping up with me. Seems like when I have time for the blog, my mind just draws the double ought. I’ll keep trying, but I should probably change the blog title to “irregular word spurts”!

  4. yeah, I went through a dry spell, a slump, awhile back… nobody called crying… I debated it and decided to keep forging ahead… I like reading what you write, whenever you decide to write.

    Bloggers With Blocks Unite.

  5. I go through dry spells weekly. My dry spells seem to get longer and longer, although sometimes, it’s more a lack of time. Sometimes. Nice to know you share my pain, though. Think we’ve started our very own support group!

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