A-man and His Band of Merry Rockers

For the longest time, I have intended to write a post about my son’s band, For Every Day.  I’m not so good at documenting the real life around me, though, and the band is such a moving  target, that I have a hard time getting my head around it.  The last time I posted much of anything on the band was over a year ago.  They’re still together working hard, gigging, recording songs, and hoping for their big break.  Let the pictures tell the story.

 SXSW 2009 058 (Small)SXSW – 2009


 SxSW2009 002 (Small)

Yep, gotta carry their own gear still …

SxSW2009 067 (Small)














An acoustic show at Seeker’s Coffee House in Hurst

Seekers 1 (Small)


Another acoustic show at Hot Topic in the Frisco Mall

FED Hot Topic069 (1) (Small)


 At Bill’s Records in Dallas

Misc 030 (Small)


At Six Flags in Arlington

Misc 043 (Small)


Until I sat down to do this, I didn’t realize that most of the pictures are on another camera, but you get the point, the band is busy.  I don’t always take pictures, and I don’t go to all of their gigs, but they’ve played The Door in Dallas, at churches, and at festivals also.   

… here’s Alex (minus the merry band of rockers) playing at Cafe Madrid in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas.  He’s shown here with one of his guitar teachers, Mike, and another of his teachers, Kevin, in the second shot, and a few others playing a little Flamenco music.

Misc 010 (Small)


Misc 014 (Small)


Today’s Special is …

Some words probably don’t belong together, and I know I have done my share of throwing some oddities around.  I have put together all manner of words, and then asked the great Google god, or searched blogs, for an explanation.  Right now, I’m feeling pretty good because maybe I’m not the weirdest person after all.  You gotta love that Word Press dashboard!

Most people who read my blog do so by accident.  That’s a pretty safe bet.  For the past couple of months, most of these accidental readers have found my blog by searching for “swimsuits that make my butt look big,” or “what type of bottom will make my butt look bigger.”  These searchers end up on my post about the swimsuit I bought that does, in fact, make my butt look bigger (which is no easy feat, but we won’t drudge through that tale again). If I am to believe the statistics on my WordPress dashboard, this must be a bigger problem than I thought.  Finally, I am not alone in the world!  Maybe I could start a support group …  Small butted gals unite!   Can’t find pants to fit?  Join the group!  I can feel your pain, girlfriend. 

Here’s the latest search that brought a misguided reader to my blog today.  By typing in the words “giantess furry pancake,” someone clicked on my post about a little  mouse in my office at work.  I do remember using the term “furry pancake” to refer to the doomed little mouse as he flattened himself and slid under a door, but I have no idea where I used the word “giantess.”  Don’t know, but maybe I did. 

I”m picturing a waiter at IHOP  – “Today’s specials:  We have blueberry, strawberry, and banana pancakes.  Pecan and buttermilk, we have pancakes with whip cream and cherries, and oh yes, furry pancakes.  You know, last week’s special is this week’s extra special!” 

My point is … what would you hope to find if you searched for a furry pancake?  WHY would you search for a furry pancake?  Giantess, or otherwise? 

Maybe don’t answer that.  Maybe it’s new slang for something I don’t even want to know.  At any rate, weirdness.  If you’re out there furry pancake person, bet you didn’t find what you were looking for here, but thanks anyway for stopping by!

Deep is My Mind

I heard a song on the Power FM station the other day.   I mentioned this station in my last post.   Daniel and I always listen to Power FM in the car to and from wherever we’re going, usually in hopes we’ll hear a For Every Day song, but we listen to whatever plays.   I enjoy listening to some of the discussions as well.

Back to the song I heard.   Emotions run deep in these songs.  I tried to think of the spiritual and heartfelt meaning behind this particular song, but let’s face it, I’m just not that deep.  Even if I was, I’d have to hire a translator.  Yes, I think this song was written in the mother tongue, I think, but it didn’t matter because as soon as my eyes saw the name of the song flash on the radio screen in my car,  followed closely by the name of the band, I lost my noodles anyway.

Are you ready???  Drum roll, please …  The name of the song was “Still Alive” by Post Mortem.

Image from http://store.drumbum.com/skuMGF-30.html

skeleton-figurine-guitar (Small)

I know some of you might see a spiritual meaning here, but this is my story, so don’t ruin it by thinking too much, ok?