Fritzy’s a Cool Cat, sort of

It is waaaay past Sandwich Week, and where have I been?  I couldn’t say except we’re in constant motion, like hamsters in a wheel.   It’s a fun and scenic wheel, squeaky, and with lots of people and things to see and experience, but still a wheel.  I am NOT complaining.  I’m supremely thankful for my wheel, but I’d be ok if it slowed down just a tad once in a while!

Speaking of dogs … ok, I was speaking of hamsters, but stay with me.  My little dog Fritz suffered a few seizures lately, three that I’m aware of.  Vet says he has probably developed epilepsy but it’s not time to medicate just yet.  Over the course of the same last few months Fritzy also began doing something else a little odd, as if seizures aren’t odd enough.  When Johnny travels and the kids are in school, when I’m at work and only the dogs are home, Fritz will spend the day in my oldest son’s room.  Or at least part of the day.  This is not a  room he normally sleeps in when we’re all home, and frankly, he doesn’t spend too much time upstairs.  But when ALL of us are gone, he goes upstairs to Alex’s room.  He must miss Alex the most.

The oddest part is he goes into Alex’s room and then closes the door behind him.  Always.  Alex has senior out, and so is always the first one home.  He calls me at work to say that Fritz has locked himself up again.  What Fritz does in there is anybody’s guess, probably just sleeps, but he is always so happy to see Alex after school!  Alex swears he doesn’t have candy anywhere, and Fritz doesn’t destroy anything.  He just hangs out in his big boy’s room.  Maybe he imagines he’s one of the guys, just part of the band, salivating at the guitars, but never on them.  Strutting around listening to music, doing pull-ups, checking out the trash can, sniffing t-shirts and socks, all the things teenage boys like to do.  Why does he close the door?  Well, silly … privacy, of course!


Don’t worry Fritzy. You’ll always be a part of our gang!