Nuthin’ but words

I have finally done it. I have emptied out my brain. Gotten mired in the bog. Used up all my reserves. Let’s face it folks, I have the dreaded Blogger’s Block, and it’s difficult to move forward. I lose steam lately after the first couple of sentences. See, losing steam already, but I must forge ahead. My blog is withering.

Today my friends, the subject is nothing. My intent here is to get words on the screen, to prove to myself that I can do just that. Can I write 300 words about nothing? Yes, I think I can!!! Many people write something about nothing every day, so why shouldn’t I? I’ve already done that, you say? Touché.

In my defense, I never started this adventure to write something profound every day, er week, er whenever, and it appears that I have succeeded enormously in not doing that very thing. For an example of my fine work about nothing, see “Does This Make My Butt Look Big?” Interestingly, this benign, dumb little post continues to be the one with the highest readership. Seriously, not my best work, yet here I am referring to it. I guess people just can’t get enough of THAT question. I’ve even thought about removing THAT post, and I’m kind of sorry that I really wrote THAT one. I would lose most of my “by chance” readers, though. All those people who expend so much energy researching how butts are perceived. An important group of people for me, it turns out.

Speaking as someone who would love to write something more than a blog some day, I’m not exactly gaining ground on that particular goal. I have great dreams/ideas about what I’m going to write next, then when I have the time to sit down and write, a big fat nothing comes out. Why IS that? Do I not have a life? Actually, I have several lives, all contiguous. I meet myself coming and going, so no, it’s not that I don’t have a life.

Rather, my problem seems to be whether I can write 300 words about something sort of interesting. Is my life interesting? Incredibly so, at least to me. To others? Maybe, but the words just won’t flow right now. Keep checking back, though. My intentions are the best, and I hope to have something worthwhile to read soon-ish.


6 thoughts on “Nuthin’ but words

  1. you have a LOT to write about, and you write well, it just takes a few minutes sometimes to get a direction flowing… i have a lot of mis-starts in my dashboard that i need to go back and refer to–sometimes they become inspiration for something else… keep at it!

    btw, how do random people find your blog? unless I put the link out somewhere, i don’t think anyone reads mine

    • Well, I’ve had quite a few false starts lately. I keep thinking it ought to get easier! I do save the little ideas in a draft for possible use later on, though. Thanks for the encouragement; I appreciate it! I just look at my stats once in a while and notice all the “butt” searches and also that THAT post is almost always one of the “top” posts. I figure the readers must be random ’cause I know my friends aren’t reading THAT one over and over!

    • That’s funny! It is kind of much ado about nothing, isn’t it? Yep, me and Shakespeare! Oh, I mean Shakespeare and I … heehee

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