Mostly Me

A little about me . . . I am blessed beyond measure with a kindhearted husband, three lovely children, and two dogs that, when life gets too hectic, remind me not to take it all so seriously.  While life is moving at near-cheetah speed, I try to stop and marvel at it once in a while.  As my dad always says, “The goings-on just keep on going.”  Ain’t it the truth?  This blog is my attempt to marvel at the goings-on for a little while, to express a few random thoughts, and occasionally find humor in my little corner of the world.


One thought on “Mostly Me

  1. Hi Carla – Returning your kind visit – enjoyed wandering through your blog – your critters are adorable – I have my own EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer and I simply must post some pictures of her soon. You’re on my blogroll, too, kiddo. I’ll be back soon! *hugs* Linda

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