I have grand ideas during the day of what I will write next.  Then “next” rolls around, and I am dumbstruck, as if I never had those thoughts at all.  Hence, here I am writing about I don’t know what I should write about.  I know it was me who had those thoughts…now where did I put them?  Kind of like going into a room and not remembering why I bothered to go there.  Frustrating!  Always the one to try to see the upside, at least I am writing something!

I have my family and pets, and, of course, I know I will write about them in addition to work, and other goings-on, along with (hopefully) those random thoughts that are now incognito.  I will save those things.   I am now sitting in my bed contemplating how good it’s going to feel when I turn out the lights and close my eyes.  It’s been a busy weekend and it’s only half over.

So, tonight, this is it.  Just writing something in hopes that the inspiration will come.  The muse would have a hard time getting through the fog tonight anyway, so I’ll try again soon!