Beauty & the Beast


April 23, 2008

Zoe is our Beauty Queen.  She’s a border collie mix, and is the smartest and one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever had the privilege to have in my family.  Doesn’t seem fair to have all the beauty and the brains, does it?  Well, Fritz doesn’t think so either.  She is truly an amazing animal.  She bores into your soul when she looks at you, and reads your mind while she’s there.  I guess it’s the “herder” in her.  While she hasn’t had a life of herding stray sheep, she’s had a few kids and other dogs over the years to take care of, and she is protective of her family.  I saw an article in the paper the other day about dogs finding their “inner herder selves” at ranches catering to city folks like us that have dogs like Zoe.  She would probably love that!  Here are two more pictures of her taken by Don (my sister’s husband) this last Christmas, the 3rd just so you can see those eyes!



 April 20, 2008

Who turned out the lights?

… and now for the Beast.  I call this picture “Fritz-in-a-Box.”  It sums up Fritz, my feisty little wire fox terrier.  He found an empty box of treats in a trash can, buried his head in it, then couldn’t get it off.  Oh, but this wasn’t the first time!  Once he found an empty box of Teddy Grahams in a trash can upstairs and tumbled down the stairs at 6:00 a.m., box on head.  Not the most brilliant of dogs, but he is sweet and so cute!  It’s hard to get a good picture of him, unless he has a box on his head, but the following picture will suffice until I can get a better one.


4 thoughts on “Beauty & the Beast

  1. Love your dogs, they look like real sweeties. I have a cat that is like your Fritz. A clown, klutz and a charmer all rolled into one. Gotta love ’em.

    By the way, I have added you to my links page. 😉

  2. Delaney, thanks for adding me also! I enjoy keeping up with your blog, so we can keep up with each other.

    My dogs are a joy every day. You’re right about your pets – impossible not to love them! They are what they are – no pretenses to mess with – motivated by tummy rubs and treats!

  3. Hey Sheri,

    Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind comments! Do you have a blog? I clicked on your name, but couldn’t access a blog. Let me know, and come back often!

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